I had the generic starting in my parents garage story. I was 19 sand-casting basic jewelry pieces, learning from each one to make a piece more detailed. 

Through a digital sculpting program, I slowly mold and shape my designs. I care about every angle of each piece, where most care only about what others can see—the front. 

I believe a piece of jewelry is truly special if the entire piece of metal is considered.


before Mythic, I never really found jewelry that truly made me feel special wearing it. Most stuff out there is flashy but often generic and bland at the end of the day. How can you express your unique self if you pass by someone on the streets with the same, or even similar, necklace?

Since you're a unique being with your own story, I try my best to stray from “ordinary” in my work, so you can relate to your jewelry for a real reason. However you identify with it...use the piece to tell a part of your story to the world.

Every angle in my work is intentional in design. I believe a worthy piece of jewelry should draw interest from literally any way its seen. The backsides of my pieces are especially important to me. It's something most jewelers will leave blank because no one will see it—but you will. And you'll feel it too. I think a truly good piece of jewelry should have this special moment for you and who you choose to share it with.

Each piece of fine jewelry is designed by me and crafted meticulously by hand in San Francisco. Since I do everything myself, I can guarantee it will be made right.

TLDR: Relentlessly eccentric but also premium and refined.


“You’ll be stoked to own something so unique and well-made.” - Dayna


“This earring has now become a staple piece of my collection.” - Lee